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The Soul Behind the Brand


South african born Interior Designer, Megan Sherwood is based in both the United kingdom and South Africa. Her skills, talent and expertise lies in the Hospitality, Residential and Commercial design sectors with her portfolio extending across both continents. Megan has a talent for creating dynamic spaces, and through her 8 years of design experience (SA & UK), she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Her designs are varied, specialising in high end sector of commercial and hospitality industries. Her personalised service, concept and architectural design with a penchant for detail, together with interior styling has given many a client a space that evokes an emotional response and a pleasure to work / live in. 


Megan was educated in South Africa (BA Interior architecture; Cert. Project Management; Dip. Interior Decor) and is well versed in the technical aspects of drawings, sketches, 3ds and CGIs. Her style is bold & edgy, with the aim to create warmth and an atmosphere with sophisticated use of colour and texture. Megan pushes the design boundaries and adds extra layers of uniqueness and character, creating visual diversity and sensory experiences.


Willing to be part of a “Pitch” and also to take the lead,  she has the passion for creating spaces that people fall in love with along with an exciting, innovative solution. Her motto is always to aim to surpass the highest expectations and create a made to measure spec for each client. In this way she aims to create trusted long term relationships with her clients.



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