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The Soul Behind the Brand


Megan Sherwood, has been working in the architectural design field for over a decade accumulating a wealth of experience.  Her skills, talent and expertise lie in the high-end sectors of Commercial, Residential and Hospitality design with her portfolio extending across the globe. Armed with formal degrees in design, Megan’s love, passion and dedication to the craft is prevalent through her unique and artful approach.


Megan’s creative upbringing, coupled with her strong architectural and design sensibility developed over the years, has resulted in a strong portfolio of projects. Every project is influenced by her love for invention and creation. She pays special attention to her client's requirements while using her ideas to transform each space she is invited into. Her extensive travels, and the immense knowledge of various cultures learnt sets her apart in translating her ideas into unique outcomes. She's been passionate about design for as long as she can remember, and channels this passion along with her rich and varied life experiences in creating beautiful customized designs that are a delight for her clients. An array of glowing testimonials from happy, satisfied customers is a testament to her passion and professionalism.

Her style is bold & edgy, with the aim to create warmth and an atmosphere with sophisticated use of colour and texture. Megan pushes the design boundaries and adds extra layers of uniqueness and character, creating visual diversity and sensory experiences. Creating unique designs, steering clear of a predetermined style, with an eye for intricacies and detail, is the hallmark of this practice.Her skills and passion are matched by equally experienced and diverse creative geniuses, passionate and ambitious about their craft.


The aim of the studio is to deliver high aesthetic and functional value to every project they undertake, while adhering to client's individual lifestyle. Above all, the underlying philosophy MSD has sought to employ in all their projects is that it is possible to achieve beautiful, functional, and stylish results to suit all budgets.


The studio enjoys a great industry reputation owing to its superior client servicing whilst offering a visual feast of bold, boundary pushing designs.



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